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Instead of writing a blog myself, I decided to use this platform to share birth stories of my clients, some of whom only came to me once for a specific complain while others I see on a regular basis, which creates space for listening, understanding, relaxation, and connection with themselves and with their baby.

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Eves birth 4 feb 2017

I write this after coming back from having a chat with the gynaeocologist Dr. Asbeck. What a lovely, wise woman she is! I thought she was older than she is a she seemingly knows everything, and arent doctords always 'older'? She is but 35! Of course, as a medic she went to shake my hand; I dived in a gave her a kiss on the cheek like old friends. Well she did share one of the most important days of my life; the birth of baby Eve on 4th February. We arrived seperatley at olvd west hospital – formerly St. Lucas Andrea hospital where I had wanted to go with Lucie's birth but they were full. Toine took Lucie to creche by bike at 7:30 am as I was being induced at 8am, what a ridiculously early time to manage to get out of the house with a toddler, but [...]

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Michelle’s story

At 20 weeks pregnant I was really struggling with stress and worries in my pregnancy from building works at home and worries my baby would be ok. I asked my doula for someone that could help me unwind. I knew how important it was for my baby to feel relaxed and have a good pregnancy so I wanted to find a way to give her that and I needed it too. I was referred to Oda and started seeing her once a week for reflexology. My baby had been going through a period of quiet in the womb which worried me but the moment we started the treatment I felt her sink in and sway and move around. She just felt so happy. I could feel her relax and move. It was such a happy moment. I remember cycling home and telling my husband how much I felt she loved [...]

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