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Working with your birth story

Your birth story. It's more than just a story. It's not quite a story. It's an experience. It's a directly  felt experience. Some women might be even consider it as a trauma. It's an experience that is now part of you. It might be that, due to hectic life, with so much to do and [...]

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Eves birth 4 feb 2017

I write this after coming back from having a chat with the gynaeocologist Dr. Asbeck. What a lovely, wise woman she is! I thought she was older than she is a she seemingly knows everything, and arent doctords always 'older'? She is but 35! Of course, as a medic she went to shake my hand; [...]

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Michelle’s story

At 20 weeks pregnant I was really struggling with stress and worries in my pregnancy from building works at home and worries my baby would be ok. I asked my doula for someone that could help me unwind. I knew how important it was for my baby to feel relaxed and have a good pregnancy [...]

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