Aroma Mama

The use of essentials oils during pregnancy, birth and postpartum

Some oils like Bergamot, Lavender or Chamomile can be very helpful and safe during pregnancy. They can alleviate nausea and cystitis or help overcome fears and anxiety. They can also be highly effective locally, for example for softening the perineum around 15 days before the due date or for simple headaches.

Other oils, despite their contraindications (they can be highly abortive during the pregnancy!) can be very beneficial during the actual delivery. Clary Sage, Clove or Palmarosa are very efficient in accelerating uterine contractions.

Essential oils can also provide powerful emotional support during birth. Laurel, Frankincense, Rose or Jasmine have a strong impact on the limbic system and are highly recommended during such a powerful and demanding journey as birthing.

Post-partum, they can offer a gentle support on an emotional level, such as depression or anxiety. Or after an episiotomy or caesarean, the can help in the acceleration of the healing process and reduce discomfort.

In collaboration with doula Dana Lindzon

(, and Annette Haeberling, shiatsu and aroma therapy ( ) we prepared special blends to support and help pregnant women during pregnancy, while birthing and after birth.

These blends are offered in a “Birth Kit “: each comprising 4 roll-ons ready to be applied when needed but can also each be purchased separately at your choice