Moxa therapy

Moxibustion is a warming technique, where a tightly compacted smokeless herb called Mugwort, is lit with a candle to create a glowing ember.

Moxa is an important part of Eastern medicine; the word comes from Japanese ‘mo-kusa’ which means ‘burning herb’.

The dried Mugwort – a medicinal plant common in the Netherlands – is burnt in order to warm up certain areas of the body.

During a moxa treatment, your heat energy leads to an acupuncture point in which Ki (chi, life energy) is strengthened by inducing blood circulation and Ki flow. The heat that enters the body in this way gives a pleasant feeling, especially in winter.

You can learn to give yourself such a boost when you need it.


With fertility problems and menstrual complaints, there is often a shortage of heat (Ki), especially in the kidneys (lower back). At such moments it is nice if your partner teaches you to give yourself moxa therapy.

Breech presentation

Pregnant women with a breech baby can start moxa therapy at 33 weeks pregnant.

Pregnant women with twins can start as early as 31-32 weeks pregnant.

This treatment of turning breech position is very simple and can be performed at home. We teach your partner how to activate a point on the side of your foot with moxa. Since at this stage of pregnancy it is not easy to reach your feet, it’s a good time to turn to your partner.

The moxa therapy should be repeated daily for two weeks for more information you can have a look:

If you choose Shiatsu or Watsu treatments in addition to the moxa, you enhance your chances to turn the baby.