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Foot reflexology therapy or reflexology is possibly one of the oldest health treatment around. This method has probably been in existence for some 5000 years already.

Foot reflexology was applied in both India and China, but at the same time also on this side of the globe. In 1916 an American physician discovered this therapy among the natives and set out to revive it. These days foot reflexology is being applied in a modern and scientific fashion.

What can you expect from this treatment?

A sense of physical and mental relaxation.

Foot reflexology is a strong kind of pressure point massage for the feet. This original eastern kind of treatment takes into account the entire body and not just the part of the body or the organ that gives you pain or discomfort. The therapist knows the connection between the body and the corresponding zones on the feet. This way she gets an idea about the condition of your body. The therapist stimulates the energy flow by applying pressure on the points. This way the body can heal itself gradually.

For whom?

~ For everybody

Facts / the feet tell the truth:

~There are 7,500 nerve tips (receptors) in our feet which are connected to our nervous system. Stimulation of the receptors causes physiological changes in our body.

~In addition to the foot reflex zones there are also reflex zones in the ears, the face and the hands. Through those zones the therapist can both diagnose and treat. Especially on the feet one can detect where the energy does or does not flow properly, in other words where the energy is disturbed. This could be the cause of many physical and/or mental problems.

~The sole of the foot is a natural pump. It comprises the venous plexus under the plantar fascia. Blood circulation takes care, inter alia, of the functioning of hormones, antibodies and warmth. In a nutshell, foot reflexology treatment stimulates the blood circulation.

~Thanks to the pressure the therapist applies on them, the nerves will send messages to the brain which responds by producing and releasing endorphins. Thanks to the endorphins you often achieve a euphoric sensation and a reduction of stress.

~This causes a sensation of total and deep relaxation.

Pregnancy and Foot reflexology

Foot reflexology is very suitable for pregnant women.

During pregnancy a woman can also enjoy the power of a foot reflexology treatment. There are no contraindications. However, there are a few zones on pregnant women’s feet that won’t be touched by the therapist.

This treatment can be really supportive for pregnant women. It can, for example, help with stress related problems, and it can also be beneficial for several discomforts like swollen feet.

Under the heading of foot reflexology treatment we distinguish between:
Organ, local (for instance muscles, bones), meridian, anti-stress, lymph drainage and metamorphose massage.


odacare - voetreflexology


~ Disruption of menstrual periods
~ Problems with reproduction
~ Pain
~ Stress
~ Digestion problems
~ Exhaustion
~ Hormonal problems
~ Menopause problems
~ Menstruation problems (PMS)
~ Fertility problems
~ Migraines
~ Insomnia