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~ My Network ~

My network consists of professionals from many different disciplines (para-) medical specialists (acupuncture, prenatal yoga), trainers, communication advisors, photographers, a paper shop (for your “geboorte kaart”) and others.

If necessary, during the course of my treatment – in close consultation with the client – I quite regularly refer the client to another specialist who will be happy to cooperate. I find it very important to rely on my network of highly skilled, professional and cooperative specialists.

Pregnancy and childbirth:

Specialists who advise me and inspire me in the field of pregnancy and childbirth:

~ Dana Lindzom, Doula: “mamawise”:
~ Carla van ‘t huis in ‘t veld:

Communication and company logo:

Professionals who advise me in terms of communication and company logo:
~ “NVC“: Nonviolent Communication:
~ “FrisseTekst”: Tekstredactie & communicatieadvies:
~ Anna Geslev:


~ Shirley Barenholz:
~ Yafit Taranto:

Other Relevant Links:

~ Watsu:
~ Zen Shiatsu:
~ Reflexology:
~ Chiropractic:
~ Conservatorium hotel:
~ Fertility by choice: