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Locations, Times & Rates:

~ Shiatsu ~

Location: Shiatsu Center Amsterdam € 80,–
Lutmastraat 182, Amsterdam


First time treatment € 85,–


~ Watsu ~

Location: Akasha, Conservatorium Hotel,
€ 80,–
Rebate with Akasha:
If you book a Watsu session directly
through Oda ~ care,
you’ll pay € 80 as opposed to €115,–.You will pay directly to “Akasha”spa and not to Oda.Unfortunatly, Watsu is currently not recognized
by the insurance compagnies.http://www.conservatoriumhotel.com/…


~ Foot reflexology treatment ~

Location: Shiatsu Center Amsterdam € 80,–
Location: Lutmastraat 182, Amsterdam
or at your home*
First time treatment € 85,–


* The rates for a treatment at your home do not include parking costs, travel expenses.
Travelexpenses are €40,-. Parking costs at cost price.
Payments either cash or Internet banking.


Oda ~ Care is member of the following professional organizations:

~ VNT = Vereniging van Natuurgeneeskundig Therapeuten http://www.vnt-nederland.nl
Most medical insurances cover my treatmens treatments under the treatment title: “Natuurgeneneeskundig consult”.
AGB Code therapist: 90-047973
Membershipno. VNT : 13.013
AGB Code Practice: 90-56546
For more information, please see: http://www.vnt-nederland.nl/pages/info/clienten/vergoeding-consulten/

~ NVVT = Nederlandse Vereniging van Voetreflextherapeuten http://www.nvvt.net


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 9.15 AM – 4.00 PM

Evenings and weekends are also possible.

Gift certificate

Gift certificates of € 50 or more are available, please contact info@odacare.com


Treatments by appointment only.
Cancellations at least 24 hours in advance. In cases of no-show or cancellations that are too late, Oda~Care may charge the full rate of the treatment.

Complaints and disciplinary complaints concerning foot reflexology sessions are preferably initially submitted with Oda-Care  (info@odacare.com) and/or subsequently submitted with the professional organization VNT.
Complaints concerning Watsu can be submitted with the Akasha manager.