~ Shiatsu ~

odacare - shiatsu

Zen Shiatsu is a kind of massage that has its origins in Japan. This kind of massage is carried out by applying pressure on points. The word ‘shiatsu’ means ‘pressure with finger’. By applying pressure on specific parts of the body you influence the flow of life energy (the ‘ki’) which runs through the meridians. Shiatsu activates body awareness, it helps restore the energy in the body. Shiatsu heals and stimulates the body to find a new balance whereby stress and emotions won’t be as overwhelming.

Zen Shiatsu is distinguished from other styles of Shiatsu in that the emphasis is based on traditional principles from Eastern Medicine. The therapist works with the energy – meridians that flow through the body. Also, the therapist works with both hands, a method especially developed for the Zen Shiatsu.


For whom?

odacare - shiatsu
Shiatsu is suitable for everyone and helps with all kinds of problems such as neck, shoulder, back, and knee problems. Shiatsu is also very effective in treating digestion problems. Shiatsu is able to help finding a new balance for the body and the mind. That’s how it can help with sleeping disorders and hormone related problems (some which are connected with menstruation and menopause). Pregnant women can benefit a lot from shiatsu as well. It can help reduce pregnancy aches as well as provide time for yourself and time to connect to the baby in the womb.


~ Digestion problems
~ Stress
~ Pain
~ Hormonal problems (menstruation and menopause)
~ Insomnia

~ Other treatments ~

odacare - shiatsu
~ Reiki,
~ metamorphosis massage
~ Ayurveda massage