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~ Watsu ~

Watsu or Water Shiatsu is a new method of pressure point massage in warm water (about 35 C˚). Carried by the water and supported by the therapist you feel weightless. During the session you experience an enormous sense of freedom, which will be intensified by the fluid movements and the flowing of the water along your body. The therapist accompanies you by stretching, flexing and rotating – movements that would be difficult or even impossible to achieve outside the water.

For whom?

For both adults and children, and especially for pregnant women, Watsu is very suitable. Those without specific problems can choose Watsu for sheer relaxation. Spinal cord, joints and muscles will be loosened and blockages in the meridians will be released. For those who suffer from muscle and joint problems Watsu will assure more flexibility and will have a soothing effect. Because you’ll be supported in the water at all times, you do not have to be able to swim.

Pregnancy & Watsu

Oda ~ Care’s Watsu treatments take place in a safe and relaxing atmosphere. For a while you can take some distance from your daily life and enjoy, together with your baby (still growing inside you), the warm water. The temperature of the water helps you relax. It also reduces stiffness of the muscles, which helps to release most of the pain (lower back pain). The feeling of being weightless as well as no space or time feeling is profound. Because of the relaxation both you and your baby will relax physically and emotionally.

Relaxation & Watsu

Watsu is a highly effective and pleasant treatment for those who want to relax in stressful times. Watsu can also help with the treatment of depression, anxiety disorder (as well fear of water) and insomnia. These types of problems can have a far reaching influence on our mental and physical wellbeing. Watsu will take you back to a world of silence, a world with room and time for yourself. In this gentle and respectful manner, Watsu repairs the self-healing ability of our body.

Facts and positive effects of Watsu on our body

The deep feeling of relaxation that arises during a Watsu session has measurable physiological effects on the body. The heart rate decreases, the blood pressure goes down and the breathing deepens. Endorphin is released in the body. The immune system is strengthened this way. Those positive effects will be felt for days after the session. You may notice this as you might be sleeping better or your digestive system will function better and faster for example.


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~ Stress
~ Anxiety
~ Depression
~ Insomnia
~ (Coping with) Emotional traumas
~ Common problems during pregnancy