Menopause Salon

Yes at your salon.

I am coming over to your house, where you invite 10 to 20 friends that want to know more about this transition, about this phenomenon, about Menopause.

As I see it, it is like preparation for giving birth, knowledge is power.

  1. Event description: It’s a one time event (of course you can repeat it if you wish and through different women participating in it, a different discussion will evolve). 
  2. Open to 10-20 women ages 38-58. Bleeding or beyond.
  3. You are going to receive information regarding perimenopause and menopause using a slide presentation, open discussion guided by me- Oda, “a place” to go within and share with others.
  4. Few things women will take away:
    Eliminate fear/ fog around the topic of aging
    Understanding what is menopause / perimenopause
    Going with more ease towards this inevitable phase of life.
  5. Who is it for: Women interested in knowing about menopause and perimenopause (out of curiosity, fear, confusion and any other discomfort about the subject being already behind you or long before you).
  6. What to bring: nothing / snack to be discussed with the host.
  7. What will you learn?

More than the obvious, women’s life cycles and how the menopause is one of the 4 parts/ phases of it.
How the seasons are related to “ our inner seasons” ( what is “inner seaseon”?).
Our thoughts/ “belief system” regarding this time of life, what we can do about it and more.

If you like to understand more please proceed reading:

Let me take you back and tied some (red) threads with you:

Yes, as on one hand we can give birth without preparation, we can also learn and prepare for the Big Day.

We are not living as a tribe any longer, at least not here in most of the western world.
We are scattered and a lot of us are living remote from our nuclear family, only with our partner and a new group of friends.

We never see births, we don’t see breast feedings only on socials with “pink coloured makeover”, we think it’s normal being medicated and going to work 3 months after birth.

We hear about struggles with traumatic births or heavy postpartum; But maybe it has already started with the first bleed, as it was known in England years ago as “The Curse”…

What does it mean when blood ceases?
Is the curse over? Are we drying and (almost) dying?

We reach again a place of the unknown where fear can arise instead of igniting its power and embracing knowledge, wisdom.

Understanding it is just another Gate which needs to be passed through, or a bridge that needs to be crossed.

Let’s start with exploring whether it is a gate or a bridge and maybe we reach eventually to a sense of: Reclamation of ceasing of the blood.

Still not sure if what I offer here is directed to you?
You might wonder: “Why do I need to hear about menopause? Isn’t that something that happens to older women?
I still have time, you might think to yourself, or why do I need to hear about it, now?

Actually, sometimes you don’t have plenty of time… and what is time anyway… The time is now.

One of the fascinating and finally researched topics in my eyes are Hormones.

Menopause hormones are the same hormones as in childbirth and in sex just in a different constellation.
They are part of a very complex relationship, a feedback mechanism.
They influence each other, us, our moods, behavior and feelings.

The problem as I see it is the lack of connection.
Modern medicine specializes and divides us into sub-parts, and in this way, it might save people and situations that wouldn’t have been possible to heal otherwise.
But as long as we don’t connect the dots in ourselves: physically, emotionally, and mentally, there will be a lack of connection, confusion, and chaos within us and as result in our relations to others.

Let me explain: A woman with symptoms of menopause may find herself going to a rheumatologist, her GP, an endocrinologist, and a gastroenterologist… which will create a lot of pressure in her life that will exacerbate the symptoms that are already unbalanced.

That is why I invite you to see that, in the end, they might be gifts to menopause, a bit like in childbirth. It can be difficult and complicated, but in the end, we’ll see our baby.

As knowledge is power, we need to gather information, like the Birth Plan that I coach couples in preparing for the birth to create (of course it is just seemingly a plan, it’s actually a philosophy, a means to gather information). If you don’t have much knowledge on the subject, it just means there are things to learn.

I invite you to pick up the gloves and be the host of an evening about perimenopause and menopause.

Peri? You might wonder. Peri means the period around menopause.
You are invited to explore more in the Salon Event, especially if you leave this reading even more confused than starting it.

If you are interested in becoming a host or can’t host but want to participate, please contact me: 06-447374 or to find a date ( and location) and create this empowering event.