The 8 Extra Wonder Meridians| Year Training “Het wonder jaar”

Dates: September 2024

Place: Amsterdam

This year-long training for postgraduate Shiatsu Therapists offers a profound exploration of the extraordinary vessels in our bodies, the Extra Wonder Meridians. It deepens the knowledge and tools you have to facilitate more complex issues people are experiencing today and is a journey to go deeper within yourself. These miraculous vessels, Extra Wonder Meridians, are usually taught in a limited manner in Shiatsu Schools and Eastern medicine education. Still, you can better understand them here in a way that you can immediately use them in your practice.

Often, these vessels were feared and they were reserved for use during harsh times. For many reasons, I feel we are living in a time of stress and harshness: many autoimmune illnesses, cancer, body pains, as well as depression and burnout.

In regard to women’s life cycles, these vessels can support fertility and rites of passage better than the 12 primary meridians. Not using them feels to me like compromising on women’s health. The tools we have used till now aren’t always sufficient.

These wise energy channels lie within our bodies, ready to be touched. Tapping into their energy will help us in numerous ways, the most important to become more balanced and peaceful human beings. It is time to use them.

The year 2024 is the first time “the year of wonder” will be taught, it feels blessed and wondrous. A year of wonder is literally what I wish for everybody, and hence I see the connection,another great reason to explore the 8 Extra Wonder Meridians together.

If You are postgraduate Shiatsu therapist you are invited to join me,