Instead of writing myself a blog, I decided to use this platform to share the birth stories of my clients , some i saw once and after this single session her baby was born, or not ;) some I see on a regular basis which creates space for listening, understanding, space, relaxation, and connection with her self and her baby.

Hier is the first one, Michelle gave birth a month ago.

“At 20 weeks pregnant I was really struggling with stress and worries in my pregnancy from building works at home and worries my baby would be ok. I asked my doula for someone that could help me unwind. I knew how important it was for my baby to feel relaxed and have a good pregnancy so I wanted to find a way to give her that and I needed it too. I was referred to Oda and started seeing her once a week for reflexology. My baby had been going through a period of quiet in the womb which worried me but the moment we started the treatment I felt her sink in and sway and move around. She just felt so happy. I could feel her relax and move. It was such a happy moment. I remember cycling home and telling my husband how much I felt she loved it. I too sunk into deep relaxation. So from that moment we decided I had to continue until baby arrived. It just felt so good for her and me and felt like a special moment we shared. Towards the end of the pregnancy I decided to increase my visits to twice a week and it just kept everything in balance. I always cycled home smiling and relaxed and feeling so energised and with a very very content baby in my belly. She would kick and play for the rest of the day after treatments and as the midwife told me, an active baby is a happy baby. Since Oda brought so much calm to myself and the baby I decided it would be amazing for her to be at the birth to help with the pain and to comfort me and bring me calm. I was having a home birth and wanted to create a beautiful environment for my daughter to arrive into. Oda came and brought her beautiful sereneness and I remember so well her holding my hand all the way through pushing. She didn’t leave my side and she sat with me for stitches afterwards and gave me the comfort I needed to get through. She was a wonderful person to have at my birth and to share it with. My daughter arrived into a calm room and my labour went so smoothly and quickly having. Stress is a killer for labour and can slow it down or stop it.
Oda was the perfect antidote to that”.
Thank you Michelle for sharing.