Your birth story.

It’s more than just a story.
It’s not quite a story.
It’s an experience.
It’s a directly  felt experience.
Some women might be even consider it as a trauma.
It’s an experience that is now part of you.

It might be that, due to hectic life, with so much to do and learn after birth,

with some telling you that the most important thing is that you are both alive and healthy…

that the experience is dismissed…

the real story.

What you experienced at birth does matter.
And it is dismissed in our society too easily.
You might have felt it.

It could be a pressure felt to have another baby

or that you have difficulty with the idea of having another

or that you are about to give birth again.
And questions arise regarding your ” traumatic birth”.
What trauma? You might ask yourself.
Perhaps time passes by and it is now all bathed in bright colours,

this birth which might have been not your ideal birth – has became nostalgic…

but you do feel or hear a voice inside you, saying there is more…

There is something else.

It’s never too late to work on your birth story.
There are many ways doing so.
Psychotherapy, writing, singing, EMDR, to name a few.
I invite you to go through the process with me.
Using a focusing technique, a way of listening and reflecting, simply talking.

And with touch.

Combining listening ears, touch and an open heart.
Working on your story will remove blockages, emotional and physical.
You can arrive at your next birth more prepared.

You might get pregnant more easily.

Or you might just finally get the time to look at your birth and release tension that was holding you back, that brings out the mother you always wanted to be.

Or just experience a huge relief being heard… Held… Seen…