About me

I’m Oda Meiberg. In 1997, following my father’s passing, I began exploring self-discovery and healing. Learning Reiki levels 1 and 2 marked the start of my journey into complementary medicine. Since then, I’ve embraced a path of continuous growth and lifelong learning. As a perpetual student, I’m driven to deepen my understanding of holistic healing grounded in physical, emotional, and spiritual exploration, shared with my clients and colleagues.

Exploring the Flow of Energy in the Body:

Reflexology, Shiatsu, and Watsu are intricately linked in my practice. They all revolve around facilitating the flow of energy within the body and addressing energetic blockages. These modalities, including foot reflexology, embody a profound awareness of the body’s energetic dynamics. Combining these three methods allows for a holistic approach to healing. Over time, I’ve also integrated additional techniques that complement these therapies. I’ve undergone training in craniosacral therapy, which I incorporate into Zen Shiatsu sessions, as well as fascia release methods and metamorphosis massage. Throughout all my treatments, Reiki energy flows seamlessly, enhancing the healing process. Additionally, I may offer guidance on stimulating energy flow through Do-In exercises, a form of Japanese yoga.
Currently, I’m integrating Chi Nei Tsang, the Healing Tao’s practice focused on the abdomen and internal organs, into my work, deepening my understanding of energetic healing.

Nurturing Hormonal Transitions:

Women embody incredible strength, navigating through various life phases intertwined with significant hormonal shifts. It’s a privilege for me to leverage my expertise as a bodyworker to offer guidance and support during these pivotal moments. Many of my regular Shiatsu clients have sought my assistance during labor, a service I’ve been providing for nearly a decade. This led me to pursue training as a Doula. Drawing from my own enriching experiences of pregnancy and childbirth, I deeply empathize with expecting mothers. Throughout my pregnancies, I continued to work and study, understanding the challenges of balancing a busy schedule with the demands of pregnancy and the accompanying stress. Additionally, I provide support for women going through perimenopause and menopause transitions, as I am currently experiencing this phase myself. It brings me immense joy to assist women during these transformative periods. My focus is on nurturing women through life’s milestones, including the menstrual cycle, hormonal changes, rites of passage, and various transitional phases. I meet women where they are, addressing their current needs, whether it’s pain, discomfort, stress, or any other challenges they may be facing.

Education and training
1997 | Reiki 1 and 2 in Israel.

2000 | Bachelor in Humanities from Tel Aviv University.

2008 | Training for Watsu-therapist in Israël, België and the Netherlands. In 2012, after 500 hours of training, I received the diploma. Up to now I have provided around 2000 hours of Watsu-sessions.

2011 | HBO diploma in Basic Medical Knowledge (and again in 2016 to comply with new Dutch regulations).

2012 | Graduated as Reflexology therapist in Alkmaar.

2013-2020 | Several workshops with doulas from all over the world in Amsterdam.

2014 | Graduated as shiatsu-therapist from the Zen shiatsu opleiding in Amsterdam.

2019 | Doula training with Red Tent UK.

2021 | I have recently started a course in Healing Tao, which fits in very well with previous training courses. We start with CHi Nei Tsang – the abdomen. Suitable for everyone, but especially if you’d like to conceive. From there on we will work on the sexual organs, on all levels of healing.

2021-2022 | certified in Chi Nei Tsang, making me one of the only two practitioners in Amsterdam with this specialized certification. Chi Nei Tsang focuses on healing the abdomen, making it suitable for almost everyone (not when pregnant), particularly beneficial for those interested in conceiving.

2023 | I delved into working with the sexual organs and the female lower part of the pelvis/vulva through the study of Tami Lynn Kent’s ‘Holistic Pelvic Care’. While I have not yet completed my certification as a practitioner, you are still welcome to come for sessions.

Professional associations
Landelijke Vereniging van Natuurgeneeskundig Therapeuten

I have been a member of the LVNT (National Association of Naturopathic Therapists) in the Netherlands since 2012.

Shiatsu Vereniging Nederland

I have been a member of SVN (Shiatsu Association Netherlands) since 2017.

Additional training (Shiatsu, foot reflexology and pregnancy related)
2011-2021 | Maternity shiatsu workshops by shiatsu instructor Suzanne Yates from the UK: “shiatsu for birth” /”shiatsu for pregnancy”/ “shiatsu for fertility” /”shiatsu for menopause” and “women life cycles”.

2011- 2015 | Pregnancy and fertility foot reflexology: Vera Krijn 2011, Carla Huis in ’t Veld 2014, Greetje van den Eede 2015.

Communication courses
Conversations are part of my sessions. That is why I finished several communication courses:

2012 – Today | Focusing and NVC (non-violent communication).

2014 – 2016 | Extra: Theta healing basic and advance 2014 – 2016.

I am available as a facilitator for:

Watsu basic training (not waba certified).
Courses preparing couples for childbirth, as part of ‘Alchemy of New Life’. Please see www.alchemyofnewlife.com for more information.
Women’s circle (also available on ‘demand’- for a 50th birthday celebration for example).
Workshop “SHI TA” for couples. SHI TA means Shiatsu meets Tantra. This is a workshop, which I host together with my partner. We have been together for 20 years in a beautiful, still growing relationship. We are happy to share our knowledge of Tantra, sexuality and relationships to help others develop a beautiful, all-encompassing relationship. For more information you can contact me.